Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Step Away From My Stash Or Youré Gonna Get Hurt

Why is it just when you build a little stash of something necessary to your very survival, i.e. chocolate for when you need something sweet or chippies when you need that salty hit that your stash is discovered and raided leaving you with nothing but crumbs & guilty faces?!? Oh the devastation.....

It feels like I am sharing all the time, that sometimes I just wanna be a greedy little thing & say MINE MINE MINE.

Obviously the cupboard is bare when the kids lay into my muffin bars, which happen to be weight watchers bars, which I happen to love & I ain't admitting that I am fat, but well, have been stocking up for winter a little too much, but just sayin. HANDS OFF the blue bars.

Oh & King Carlyboy if you are reading this ~ I know nothing. Don't go looking for stashes that just aren't there.

STOP. I Wanna Get Off The Waaaahbulance!

So Miss Fairygirl is sick, anti-biotics necessary, sick.

Nuff said.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tis the Season to be Wheezin

Just when we thought it was safe to un-label Miss Angelface as an asthmatic, along comes a night of coughin & a wheezin........ So it's off to the medical centre where she's back on the trusty old nebuliser & back to the puffer for a month. Luckily, they take it seriously & she is seen to straight away. Mind you, King Carlyboy was a little underwhelmed by Miss AF's amateur dramatics.

We were feeling pretty smug really, it's been a few years since we've had to deal with this, so we were thinking that she may have outgrown it. NOT.

I can't think how many times Miss AF has endured hospital stays for this bloody thing that ties her up in knots & seeing her little body work so hard for breath ~ it's just not fair peoples. But she always bounces back, whilst King Carlyboy & I schlep around looking like we're been worked over by thugs ~ it takes us longer to recover after juggling work, home & hospital for the duration.

This time around, a chest infection is the culprit that has lead to the asthma coming in for a visit. I hope it's not a sign of things to come, coz historically she's more a summer asthmatic.

It's damn cold & it's like autumn has left the building & winter has come on down. How do you keep up with the cold & damp & one girl who is busy busy busy all the time? Even better, Miss Fairygirl got her v. own puffer prescription last week, so we have to stay on top of that situation too.

I don't get this whole asthma thing ~ King Carlyboy & I don't have it, so it hardly seems fair that our girls have it.

I know, whine time on my behalf, but hey, it's my blog & I'll whine if I wanna.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Trash Talkin' ~ 2 Year Old Style

What is LMAO funny?!?

A 2 & a bit year old Miss Fairygirl hanging out our front window laughing HA HA repeatedly (think the Simpsons Nelson style) & pointing to the poor Intermediate school kids who have to schlep past our front door on "cross country training"runs this weel. Personally I think it's a secret teachers chardy break , but as I have no firm evidence, it will remain a theory......

Miss Fairygirl has also mastered the art of the Sooky La La trashtalk. HIL.ARI.OUS. Especially when directed towards King Carlyboy.

step 1 - Say sooky la la over & over
step 2 - Make crying & whinging motions on face repeatedly
step 3 - Laugh at recipient of the sooky la la

Aaaaahh ~ she's a klassy leetle laydee.

List of Stuff You May Or May Not Need To Know.

The junkier & cheesier it is, the better, in my world. Reality tv ~ yes please. Watching taped shows & fast-forwarding the ads? Priceless.

Not just forleetle old laydees....

Miss those red stools on a Saturday morning. Miss Angelface was 3 days old & Miss Fairygirl was 5 days old on their first visit to this coffee den. They may have coffee running thru their veins.

God's gift to our tastebuds. amen.

One of my favouritest words ever. Can't get enough of them from my family. From the tummy- flippin smooches from King Carlyboy to the generouse slurply supplies from Misses Angelface & Fairygirl.

Is there a cuter sound that a little voice calling your name? Well, obviously it isn't sometimes like when you've just settled in for a nap.....

Sparkling wine for the Aussies. Takes the edge off, especially when poured by someone else.

mmmmmmmmmm. more please, unless of course it's a little salty something that I need, then bring on the chippies.

Where are you & why are you so late in coming to my house?!? I'll be good I promise.

I dont. Am useless really. Don't know why, just am.

I've already started on the next 3 winters already. Help!


Comfort dressing, bright colours, I wonder how many hoodies can my wardrobe hide, I mean hold? As many as I can cram in kiddies!

Love the cheap deal & Love even more handing them back after a week of Maisy Maisy Mouse on high rotation.

2 Domestic Goddesses, love em', can't channel em' into my house. sigh.

Best pizza ever. Well, that is if you can't get a genuine Saintly pizza made by King Carlyboy.

Hate em! they are no friend to the curvy laydees of the world. Burn them all.

I have 2 pairs thanks to the canny shopper eye of my King Carlyboy, they even fit over my pork chop legs -> yay.

Why do we need about 50 different types of milk people? Does the cow know this stuff?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Maximillions Aloyious Heriot Carlson

Farewell to our beautiful boy & faithful mate, Maxy.
Have fun playing with Neddy in doggy paradise.
We miss you.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Is There A Streaker In the Room?

I got to wondering today if there is a streaker streak in our family......

Miss Fairygirl has clearly decided that this is her new passion in life. She is adept at sneaking off quietly, shedding the clothes, dropping the nappy & running into whichever room I'm in & doing a spanky dance complete with ta da & waits for the applause! No, that room I'm in does not necessarily mean me on the couch with my box of chocolate, tv remote & bottle(s) of bubbles by my side. The kid is 2 & a bit years old. Where did she learn this? Even more so, where did she learn a spanky dance? Is this to become extreme potty-training, cos I sure didn't sign up for that. How do I keep up when she keeps launching surprise attacks? Those are NOT chocolate drops on the floor next to the abandoned nappy people.

After Miss FG had climbed up her changing table to kindly let me put a new nappy on (yeah, I know gasps of horror from parenting bodies, but apparently she's morphed into a monkey), I asked her to let me know when she wanted to change her nappy coz we could try, well I don't know - using the potty & the answer?!? NO WAY. There was no discussion, no coaxing, no nothing. Maybe next time I'll open negotiations with chocolate.......

Does this mean that she takes after her Uncle Roddy who is partial to the odd nudie run now & then?!? Well, the points of difference would be
  1. She's not drunk (although quite possibly on a chocolate high)
  2. She's not attending a bucks weekend
  3. She's not drunk

Although, come to think of it, King Carlyboy has been known to also get his kit off in public as well. Strangely enough, each time he has been hanging out with Uncle Roddy....... (smooches to Uncle Roddy who is safely at least 10 - 12 hours travel away from getting revenge on his big sis. My room is safe from being tied up once again ha ha ha)

Co-incidence? I think not.

Is it in the genes or the jeans?!?

The Birthday Princess ~ January 2009

The Birthday Princess  ~ January 2009
FG enjoys her birthday cupcake

The Birthday Princess

The Birthday Princess
Back Away From The Cupcake........

The Living is Easy ~ January 2008

The Living is Easy ~ January 2008
In the swim.....

Bridie at Play

Bridie at Play
As long as the tide is in, this is where you'll find AF!

Meara Takes It Easy

Meara Takes It Easy
Its hard work playing on the beach...sometimes you gotta take a rest

The Swing ~ Awhitu Jan 2009

The Swing ~ Awhitu Jan 2009
AF loves the swing - it's a fixture now each time we go camping

King Carlyboy

King Carlyboy
KOTF kicking back on the couch

Fairygirl's Hard Day at the Office

Fairygirl's Hard Day at the Office

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