Monday, March 30, 2009

Crafty Carlygirl - NOT

Okay, so it's official ~ I am craft-challenged & have a baaaaaad case of craft envy.

My name is Fiona & I am useless at arts & crafts. (when do I get to feel better?)

I wonder if I google "craft envy" if it will come up as a real-life diagnosis on wikipedia. Stop rolling your eyes King Carlyboy ~ I can hear your reaction from across the room.

I've been reading some blogs, especially the country craft ones (which I LOVE) & the green-eyed witch of envy has settled firmly on my shoulder. It's great that there are people out there in blog-world who are so generously including how-to tips & steps to those of us with this particular challenge, whilst also showing off stuff they made but people, this is just a bit depressing. This also means that Miss Angelface & Miss Fairygirl kinda miss out on trying out new stuff, coz I just know that wth me involved -> the project just ain't gonna work out. & it's a fair assumption that there's going to be heated words involved.

I would like to overcome this & have enlisted the help of a friend who is going to attempt to teach me how to knit..... Little does she know what she's let herself in for! I'm determined to excel at making knitted squares so one day I'll have to sew them together & make a blanket -> woo hoo. Yeah, stop sniggering, I have to start somewhere.

My sister-in-law is soooo talented, check out some of the reborn babies she makes:

These bambinos look like the real deal & she should know, having had 4 real ones ..... (big smooches to my gorgeous nephews & nieces). This is just the tip of the iceberg of what she can do. Kudos to my S-I-L Dann, but could you just share a little sprinkle of some craft talent around? Pretty please with sugar on top?!? Maybe just tip some into a thimble & post it to me.

I am a Christmas junkie & I should be able to produce something country-style for my beautiful 6 foot xmas tree, that most importantly I made (& actually stays together). Okay, I admit I attempted to get crafty last Xmas ~ I made a beachy Xmas tree for our garden. The tree is made out of driftwood & I hung seashells on the branches for decorations. It looked great, for a while. Now 4 of the shells have snapped off their twine hangers & it's looking a bit sad all in all. I can't really blame it all on Auckland wind & rain (dammit.)

Sigh. Maybe one day I'll be able to proudly post pics of something crafty I did. One day. Stay tuned.

Oh Sleep, Where Art Thou?

I am sooooooo tired that I am officially grumpy-butt mummy. I couldn't sleep last night, of course it was because I am the ultimate professional & couldn't switch off after work..... rather than the reality of it being cold & then waking up roasting like a stuffed chook from leaving the electric blanket on & drifting off in the cocooned warmth it provided. So now things are really annoying me too easily & it's only 9.30am. You know what pissed me off this morning? The toaster booby-trapped my cinnamon & raisin bagel & incinerated it. Have you ever tried to bite a burnt bagel, oh yes I tried scraping off the black bits, but lets face it - the bagel could have shattered concrete should it fall on the floor. So I tried smothering it in chocolate spread to disguise the taste. End of story -> I licked all the chocolate spread off the top & ditched the bagel. MMMMMMMM..... soooo yummy, but not a good filler. I could always actually walk downstairs to the freezer & get another bagel out & go thru the process again, but I really need minions for that, it's too hard.

Miss Angelface will be finishing school in 2.5 HOURS. As a sleep-deprived non-fully functioning member of the parent squad ~ that just messes with my head people. It's a teacher day or something official like that, all I know is that it means that I've gotta find my happy mummy hat somewhere beneath the gray cloud of fog that is surrounding my head & ENJOY (or else, dammit.) an easter craft session that I promised Miss Angelface we could have this afternoon. Yay me. In a fit of mummy-guilts I was happy to suggest making easter baskets to take with us when we go camping -> stupido me! Now I'm hoping that Miss Angelface & Miss Fairygirl will take a very long time to do the colouring bits so my efforts wont look quite so pathetic.

High School Musical will definately be called up for action on the DVD player this afternoon I suspect. Nine more days until HSM3 is released on DVD & will be hired for an afternoon's viewing pleasure (Miss Angelface ~ not me) over the holidays -> yippee.

But, back to the lack of sleep. Oscar here is gonna be a mean momma & put Miss Fairygirl down for a kip this morning instead of after lunch all because I wanna!!! Bwhahahahahahahahahahaha.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Look I'll be honest, I am really happy that we've moved to NZ to try a new adventure, but I totally miss when birthdays come around. With 8 beautiful, funny & totally adorable nieces & nephews that equals lots of birthday moments gone by. But between e-mails & stalking by telephone, I can get a whiff of the birthday perfume.


to my gorgeous Jackyboy!!!!

go hawks.

My, haven't you grown up!!!

I hope that you had an awesome day & loved the pics. Have fun shopping mate!

big smooches.


Oooops We're in Hot Water Now

So, it's off in the carlycampa for another adventure, the leyland brothers we are not. I got a lot of the list-making & packing done early on in the week in anticipation of an early get-away -> HA. I make no apology for the fact that I am a list-maker queen. I even have a menu plan for our camping weekends. We (i.e. me) is trying to downsize the amount of stuff we need to take away & I am currently in love with the idea of stuff that can double-duty. Miss Angelface did a sterling job of wearing & re-wearing her clothes each day, well not the reg-grundies of course. Now if only she could translate that determination to at home, then my washing days will be numbered...... one can wish.

Hahei beach resort on the Coromandel peninsula here we come. Miss AF had a half day at school, missing lunch, so of course was starving. She & Fairygirl devoured their lunch goodybags in the car before we left Auckland, which wasn't the intention, but what can you do?! We were moving along nicely, belting out all the Hi-5 hits when a big truck zoomed up past us & shot out a bullet of a stone onto our windscreen. AAAAAGH. A new windscreen was so not in the budget for a weekend away. Needless to say, the truck got away before I could write down the no. attached to the "How's my driving?"sign -> grrrr. So with a detour, we can now check off the I've been to Drury & Pukeko townships. Hmmmmm, wait for FOUR hours for a new windscreen with tired, hungry impatiently waiting to hit the beach kids or hang in for another week & add it to the WOF bill next week?!? Well - derrrrr people, hoidays it is.

We hit the campsite after 4pm, just a few hours off schedule, unpacked with no help from AF ~ she'd already started her social networking with a little girl across the way & checked out the beach. Yay to King Carly Boy for picking this site. Check it out below ~ noice huh?!?

We hit Hot Water Beach the next morning, KCB swatted up before the trip & brought along our very own shovel to dig a pool for his carlygirls. Okay, so what's the drill with this? H.W. beach is a beach that has hot water springs under it in a little section & at low tide you can dig into the bech & hot water comes up, so you make a little pool & wallow like a hippo or a mermaid - it takes all sorts. Well, it was tourist central. KCB got started & it wasnt happening, so we moved site & got started on pool no. 2 & no luck- finally on pool no. 3 we hit hot water. The fact that we shimmied right up against an existing pool of tourists, well that was just co-incidence people. So, this was the end result.

The other legs belong to a new kiwi teenager originally from Spain, her dad was v. kind in helping dig the pool. Another example of how teeny tiny the world is, the dad has friends in common with KCB. These hot pools were magic to sit in. It's a tricky thing to get just right as the hot water was boiling hot coming up, so the trusty bucket of cold sea-water was used a lot. We ended up spending a few hours on the beach.

After a clean-up back at camp - kudos to the camp managers, the facilities were great. Hot showers, flushing toilets, microwaves & toasters are definately NOT overrated when one is camping. I can live I without them, but its nice to have them. The action continued with a tramp down to Cathedral Cove. It's a 35 minute walk in & Miss AF pretty much well ran, skipped & hopped most of the way ~ oh to have some of that energy. Miss FG was in the back-pack, leaning over KCB's shoulder the whole way. It's a great spot ~ filled with lots of people, but still managed to not look over-crowded. Very pretty, KCB took his scenary pics, he's a bit keen on that, check it out:
Cathedral Cove is the little black spot down the bottom of the white cliff, we walked from this spot down to it. It's not really that small.... that's Miss AF in the front of the walk-thru!

Anyway, we had a great time of it. Never in my life had I seen so many campers in one place. They are obviously v. popular homes on wheels. We were the only camper-trailer in the campsite. I love camping & think that we are pretty good at respecting other campers, but some campers are TOTALLY CLUELESS. Case in point, the campground gates close at 10.30pm. The roads are v. windy & would be a task for the big campers on the road, so you'd expect that they'd be parked & set up way before that time. Nuh uh to the big camper that pulled in at 10.15pm in front of us. Okay, we can handle that, no probs here. Until, HE started talking. A big man - yankman I'll call him. He had to navigate the camper into position. The sites are all marked out ~ how hard can it be? But he had to describe the whole process - 20 minutes it took, unti eventually the outcome was "Freakin awesome spot man". Hmmm, okay, well they'll get sorted quickly & quietly & we'll be right. NO WAY. The 4 guys proceeded to sit outside drinking & discussing the merits of world series baseball & why doesn't it affect the world, the US currency & why all nations should use it etc. This was increadibly annoying as it was past midnight & keeping us & other campers awake. You could have taken a sauna in the amount of steam coming out my ears. I just couldn't take the crap anymore & marched over to ask them if they were aware how loud their voices were & to keep it down. I was nice people ~ it was a HUGE effort not to tell them what I really thought...... anyway, nearly an hour later & they finally gave it a rest. And the next morning my little AF & FG got up very, very early & mummy didn't ask them to be quiet, just sent them on their way to play as noisily as possible in the playground -> right next to the yankman camper. Payback - thy name is Carlygirl...... HA HA HA.

Great weekend was had by all.


YAY! It's Friday..... Gotta love Fridays people. I'm off the hook for subbing in at work tonight. I do like my job really, I work with some gorgeous ladies who make me laugh, point out all the great bargains (loooove those yellow reduced stickers) & are a minefield of information on places to visit & stuff to do in NZ. But Friday nights are snugglebunny night with Angelface as we watch & commentate on American Idol in bed, we are one step away from consuming a lot of chocolate at the same time, but I'm trying not to encourage it...... It's not often that it's time for just us & yes, that would be my fault. AF has a big week at school, she tries hard & it's a slog, so after some netball on a Friday afternoon (probably not looking at a future Silver Fern), it's well-deserved chill-out time on a Friday night.

But today's Friday is pretty darn good right now. Mr Courierman just delivered to my door a special package of Harry!!! Well, hellooooooooo Harry Connick Jr. I am a Christmas junkie & have added Harry Connick Jr xmas cd to the ever-growing collection (Mr Chris Isaak ~you are next on my list thanks to trademe). So Miss Fairygirl & I have had a good session of jumping round the loungeroom to the big band xmas sound. Whitney Houston came in the same package, but sometimes you've gotta make sacrifices. You never know, in very small doses she could be okay. So break out the chocolate stash & we are having a party.

The Birthday Princess ~ January 2009

The Birthday Princess  ~ January 2009
FG enjoys her birthday cupcake

The Birthday Princess

The Birthday Princess
Back Away From The Cupcake........

The Living is Easy ~ January 2008

The Living is Easy ~ January 2008
In the swim.....

Bridie at Play

Bridie at Play
As long as the tide is in, this is where you'll find AF!

Meara Takes It Easy

Meara Takes It Easy
Its hard work playing on the beach...sometimes you gotta take a rest

The Swing ~ Awhitu Jan 2009

The Swing ~ Awhitu Jan 2009
AF loves the swing - it's a fixture now each time we go camping

King Carlyboy

King Carlyboy
KOTF kicking back on the couch

Fairygirl's Hard Day at the Office

Fairygirl's Hard Day at the Office

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